Blackwater Wolfpack

The Shoal River Mustang Club - "Blackwater Wolfpack" - is a club for Mustang car owners who like to drive their steeds as much as they like to shine 'em up and show 'em off. This is the place for owners who are looking to join a local club dedicated to the idea of friendship, fellowship, and passion with, for, and by the legendary Ford Mustang.


Shoal River Mustang Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service, fun, and appreciation for the Ford Mustang from the 1964 1/2 Coupe to the today's models. We endeavor to carry-on the traditions and legends of the Ford Pony car past, present and for future generations.  Browse our site for up coming events and club news, links that help Mustang owners find whatever they may need for their Ponies and pics of our Members and their awesome rides. Like us on Facebook, Shoal River Mustang Club,  for more inside information. Join the Shoal River Mustang Club forum where you can ask questions and discuss all things Mustang. For more information concerning membership or to submit questions/comments regarding this website please complete the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Message from the President

As always, my hope is this finds everyone doing well and enjoying their awesome rides and getting ready for fall.                                                                                                                                                                       

We’ve been busy the past month or so and it’s only getting better.  We started off just going to support a new local business for their grand opening, Peaden Brothers Distillery, but NOOOOOOOOOO……..John Adams said, “How about a cruise through Blackwater first!!!”  Since John had never had that experience before, I rounded up Vinnie Cimino to be our Road Captain.  We met at Tractor Supply with our safety briefing and WOW, it was the best showing of muscle we had to date.  We had Ramon and Alison Rivera from Panama City Beach, “Dark Side Ponies” join us, as well as some new faces and we ended up with 13 mustangs making the cruise.  We had GTs new and older, a foxbody,  the Bullit, Boss, California Special, Shelby and if you check out the video you’ll see Mr. Jim reallllyyyyy enjoyed himself.   It took some of us a little longer to make it to the first stop which turned out to be good for John and Vinnie since they needed to cool their brakes.  We lunched at the Gator Café then cruised up to Peaden’s and made a grand entrance.  We were a hit with everyone there.  We sampled some of their products, then some of us stopped by Hooters before going to Coach N Four to celebrate Harvey’s birthday.  Awesome day for the “Wolfpack”.

This has been a good month for growth for our club with new members the Rupe family, Thompson crew and FINALLY the Perrymans have joined the ranks of the most exciting club in Okaloosa county.  Welcome to you all and we look forward to many great times together.

When we thought the Blackwater cruise was the biggest cruise………nope, Vinnie said, “We haven’t done pictures in Florala in a while and I’ve made some changes so how about a cruise?” Well, Kim Adams arranged lunch at Bryce’s Family Restaurant for about 25.  When we met at the library the librarian came out and said if y’all are having an event you’re going to have to move because you’re taking up too much of the parking lot.  I assured her we were leaving for lunch.  She laughed and said someone had told her there was a mustang convention in the parking lot.  We did have a small problem that had to be fixed before we could leave.  Ramon had a busted radiator hose.  But the gang took care of it and off we went.  After picking up John and Kim in Laurel Hill we ended up with 16 Mustangs, (3 of which drove over from Panama City Beach), a motorcycle, a Mini Cooper, and a PT Cruiser.  Thanks to Tressa for being our photographer and taking some awesome pictures and to Roger from PCB for the dash cam video.  When we showed up for lunch we had 35 instead of 25 but they were great and the food was awesome.

Don’t forget the club picnic and picture at the museum 9-27.  Be there by 7:30 to be parked by the SR71 if you want to be in the picture and plan on a fun day.  Bring games, tents, chairs and whatever you plan on eating and drinking.  Vinnie will be parking cars and Jan will be taking pictures so plan on hanging around.  

I would like to thank everyone for making The Shoal River Mustang Club, “Blackwater Wolfpack” the most amazing club around.  As we all know, it takes teamwork, passion, and driving the best beasts around to make it successful, and that’s what we are. 

Be safe,

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