Blackwater Wolfpack

The Shoal River Mustang Club - "Blackwater Wolfpack" - is a club for Mustang car owners who like to drive their steeds as much as they like to shine 'em up and show 'em off. This is the place for owners who are looking to join a local club dedicated to the idea of friendship, fellowship, and passion with, for, and by the legendary Ford Mustang.


Shoal River Mustang Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service, fun, and appreciation for the Ford Mustang from the 1964 1/2 Coupe to the today's models. We endeavor to carry-on the traditions and legends of the Ford Pony car past, present and for future generations.  Browse our site for up coming events and club news, links that help Mustang owners find whatever they may need for their Ponies and pics of our Members and their awesome rides. Like us on Facebook, Shoal River Mustang Club,  for more inside information. Join the Shoal River Mustang Club forum where you can ask questions and discuss all things Mustang. For more information concerning membership or to submit questions/comments regarding this website please complete the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

A Message From the President:
           Good day my friends!  I certainly hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying this hot dry weather for a change.  Last months general membership meeting held at Helen Back in Niceville was another great meeting with the short cruise from Crestview to start off with.  Before we left the waitress asked if we had any business cards we could leave and display and I said of course so again exposure is the key.

            Giving is such a wonderful feeling and it’s great that this club is now positioning itself to be able to do that in small ways.  On Friday, June 6th, a few of the Wolfpack went over to Pensacola where they actually were able to escort the Wounded Warrior High Five Tour Mustang to World Ford for the 6-8 showing of the car.  John presented a donation check of $100 on behalf of the club which is great that we can do that.  
            The Hooter’s cruise in was a wash out because of the nasty storms that rolled through but again, exposure is the key.   Even in the rain we made contact with a potential new member.
            On Saturday, June 14th, the Wolfpack made the cruise over to Vernon just south of Chipley with 9 Mustangs and 1 tag along.  We had lunch at the Holmes County Pizza and Pasta where some of us ate in the double decker bus they have.  The people of Vernon weren’t quite sure what to make of us since we took up the entire parking lot.  They stopped to take pictures of our cars, but why wouldn’t they?  I mean we had everything from my 95 GT to a Roush, Shelby, Bullitt, California Special and everything in between.  Then we went to the Seacrest Wolf Preserve which was so awesome.  We got to see some amazing animals, pet them, learn about them, have our picture taken with them, howl with them, and a couple of us even got wolf kisses.  As well as the small animal enclosure where you could hold baby skunks, feed raccoons, play with Arctic foxes, red foxes and even have a ground hog as a hat, (Ashley Fair).  It was a trip worth making again.  Mr. Bill also made contact with one of the volunteers Jeremy Fumeola, that actually works at Hurlburt that has a 92 Fox Body that has now joined the club.  We ended the day with dinner at Hooters.  It was a 10 hour, 144 mile day but so much fun.  For those that couldn’t make it you missed one of the best days we’ve had.

There’s more fun to come so stay tuned. 

Stay safe my friends, 




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